7 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Digital Marketing

Whether you've finally quit your boring job and have begun working on your start-up or are someone who has been in one industry for years and are wondering how to give your profits that extra boost- digital marketing is the way to go. 

Of course, the assumption when one hears this phrase is that they will be asked to invest large amounts of money into pop-up ads that people will close within a second and curse forever. However, that's not the only way to market yourself digitally. In today's world, there are blogs, social media ads, SEO friendly websites, and even social media influencers- the ways to market are endless, as are the reasons. Here are the top seven ones: 

  1. We spend more time on our phones than ever before: Whether you're scrolling through Facebook, laughing at a WhatsApp forward, or uploading a gorgeous selfie on Instagram, you're more often on your phone than not. Today, even most corporate chains focus on communication through email. The point is simple: your company should be where the eyeballs are. If people are spending all their energy online, then some of it should be spent learning about who you are, and why you're the best fit for their needs.
  2. Your competition is marketing digitally: Yes, even those old guys that have been around forever. You may not have concentrated your energy on creating online brand awareness, but that doesn't mean your competition won't. So the next time that a consumer wants to buy a product or obtain a service, they are obviously more likely to first think of the advertisements or brand collaborations that they saw online.
  3. Everyone asks Google for recommendations: Gone are the days when we called our relatives and friends to ask for recommendations. Today if you need something, you'll probably just Google the best possible providers for it- and even check their reviews there and then. In fact, even if people aren't making their choices based on anonymous reviews, they are asking each other for recommendations on platforms like Quora and Yahoo answers. But most commonly, they are just entering what they want into a search engine. And you need to be a top result for them to even pay attention. 
  4. It's cheaper than you think: Sure, it must feel like with so many advantages, digital marketing must be very expensive- however, that's not the case. If you go with a well-reputed and focused company like Messold Technology, you can actually get customized packages that give your company the much needed extra boost. You don't need to be an MNC to market digitally. You just need to be focused and ready to aim for more. 
  5. You can focus on your target audience: Sure, billboards have been working for ages. But you can't really control who drives past them. There's no one hundred percent guarantee that the exact person who needs your product or service will pay attention to that board at the exact moment. But with digital marketing, you control who gets to see your advertisements. Whether you want to show them to a particular age bracket, gender, or even just the people who almost bought your service/ product. You only pay for the people that may actually convert into consumers. And that can happen nowhere else. 
  6. There are endless possibilities: Whether you want to demonstrate how a product is used or tell the users about a special discount: the possibilities are endless. Since you can use text, sound, video, pictures, or even any combination of these elements- there is no restriction on exactly how and what you can communicate to your consumers. When you market digitally, you have the ability to customize everything according to your requirements. You don't need to fit inside a box anymore. You are free to jump outside it. 
  7. It's simple: Reading all of this may have made you feel like digital marketing has so many sides to it that it must be complicated, but it's really not. Even if you belong to a generation where you're not sure how to attach something to an email, you can understand and participate in the marketing process very easily. We at Messold Technology, for example, will listen to your particular needs and take you with us along the way. 

Digital Marketing is the future of consumer conversion. And the future is where- your company needs to be, too.

-Khushi Bajaj 

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