Sure, digital marketing seems easy from afar. You just have to pay Facebook to show a few ads, right? Actually, no. There is so much thought and hard work that is required even before a digital marketing campaign starts, that professional help is always recommended. Just like you would talk to an expert before you invest your money in shares, you need professional opinion to make sure that you're not dumping your marketing budget on an Instagram influencer who has fake followed and will never be able to double your profits. On the other hand, if done wisely, digital marketing can help your company reach new heights. Here are six fun facts you didn't know about it.

  1. Consumers have a shorter attention span than goldfish: A person on the internet does not pay for than 8 second of conscious attention towards a post or a video. It is in these 8 seconds that you need to capture their interest to keep them hooked, and for conversion.
  2. 53% of millennials would rather lose their sense of smell than their technology: Seems extremely, doesn't it? This means that they are never actually going to put away that phone- and so unless your product information makes its way into their technology, your company will be making its way out of their minds.
  3. 45% of people admit that digital advertisements influence their buying decisions: in fact, a lot of people see it as a sign of genuineness that a company has a convincing campaign that is visible and acknowledged by their friends and family on social media.
  4. 88% of mobile searches are for local businesses: people let their phones recommend stores and services rather than asking the people around them. What this means is that if I search 'Wedding dresses’ and your boutique does not have a strong enough online presence, available pictures, and promising reviews, I'm very likely to scroll past it without bothering.
  5. Blogs have 63% more influence over purchasing decisions than the newspaper: People would much rather scroll through something they come across online or specially search for, rather than rely on a newspaper that isn't tailor made for their specific needs.
  6. There are more mobile phones on this planet than there are TVs: Which automatically increases the likelihood of someone coming across your ad on their phone. Plus, even the TVs that do exist cannot be carried around.

Digital marketing is not about the consumer choosing what they buy. It's about you choosing you to sell to. And we at Messold Tech help you do exactly that.

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