Even though the channel of advertising has changed, i.e, we have moved from Television to Social Media, the people that are being advertised to remain the same. Therefore, general human psychology can be used to your advantage when marketing digitally.

1. Instant Gratification: The human mind is the happiest when it needs to invest the least to get the most. Therefore, content that is shorter and crisper and gives instant gratification is more likely to get users to invest their time and money in you. This also means that if the check out process on your website takes too long, the customer is likely to leave since they aren't getting what they want soon enough.

2. The Halo effect: Use the one amazing thing that your company has to an advantage. For example, when apple gave iPods at a discount, their Mac sales also went up. People started associating the happiness that they got from the iPod to the brand itself. Therefore, when advertising, remember to put your biggest selling point in the centre.

3. Social proof: Even if you have the best marketing campaign in the history, not having it backed by real humans can be a big problem. People need to see that your company has social approval. Whether they get it by seeing influencers flaunting your products or by reading reviews on your website is unimportant. The important thing is them knowing that other people trust you.

4. Appealing to customer's senses: The most prevalent sense is the sense of sight. Therefore, if your campaign looks good, people see more likely to stay with it. The fact that a campaign appeals to sight may also make people more likely to come back to it, since it is gratifying them in a way that they aren't even completely aware of.

5. Put your customer to work: The more someone engages with your content, the more likely they are to remember it. If you make them make choices or take quizzes to promote your brand, they are more likely to be focused on it rather than if you just let them know that you exist.

And we at Messold Tech help you do all this and so much more. Digital marketing isn't just about paying for ads to show up on someone's screen. It's about planning properly so that each ad leads to a conversion.

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