Just like you can't use an old Nokia charger to charge your new smartphone, you can't use old methods of advertising for a new generation. Here's why they need to be respectfully moved away from:

  1. People can't carry their TVs around: Sure, at some point, TV ads where what you consumers hooked to your product. Haven't we all memorized fun jingles at some point? But the truth is, mobile phones are ALWAYS with their owners. It is much more likely that they have their phones in their hands at the exact moments when your ad shows up.

  1. You can't choose who to show your newspaper ad to: when you go for newspaper advertising, you pay for every single print, regardless of who your target demographic is. But when you advertise on social media, you get to choose exactly who to show your ad to, and only pay for those.

  1. Nobody drives around town looking for recommendations: Billboards used to attract alot of attention at one point. But now, we live in an age where I can search for one product and get multiple results. Plus, the fact that there are reviews to go with that makes the listing more credible.

  1. The meaning of the world 'celebrity’ had changed: Earlier, the word celebrity was pretty much limited to film stars and sportspeople. But today, there are social media sensations who are Instagram celebrities and YouTube sensations. We no longer live in times where a movie star claiming to love one product makes the product desirable for all kinds of audiences.

  1. People don't care about brand loyalty like they used to: Today's consumers are not stuck in their ways. They do not feel a constant need to stick to the same brand for a service or product. They are very easily converted to whichever brand makes a better and cheaper product. Thus, rather than just created a legacy name, brands now need to depend on constantly reinventing themselves.

This does not mean that advertising is difficult. In fact, digital marketing is the most effective and easily accessible form of advertising today. Messold Tech, for example, helps you ease into the process by helping you create an unprecedented online presence. The old means of advertising are slowly becoming obsolete. It's time to embrace the new, and move forward with the times to ensure conversions and actual profit.

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