A relatively new form of marketing is collaborating with influencers. And while this might not seem as direct as all other forms, it is actually a really smart tool to use to take forward your brand. We at Messold Tech have a trusted network of influencers that we can help promote your brand through, and here is why we think this is one of the most helpful forms of advertising in today's world:

  1. Influencers are already followed by your target audience. In the time that it would take you to build a network of followers and then build brand recognition, and influencer will have introduced their audience to so many new products. Using their account to make your brand seen it definitely the smarter move.

  1. Influencers create original content. What this means, is that you can save up on talent time and innovation by letting people whose audience is already familiar with their kind of content endorse your brand.

  1. Influencers are trusted and reliable. Wouldn't you rather have someone that you follow and admire tell you why a brand is amazing, than have that brand do it themselves?

  1. They convert leads. When people see your brand actually being used and worn and appreciated, they start thinking about how it can factor into their own lives.

  1. They can make things go viral. Since a lot of them have followers in thousands, they can easily make a hashtag, or a challenge involving your brand go viral. They can also contribute subtly towards positive conversations surrounding your brand.

  1. They improve your SEO. Everytime a reliable blogger uploads a link to their account that links back to your website, it helps improve your SEO.

  1. They have INFLUENCE. 84 percent people actually go for a product or service when they read about it being written in detail by an influencer they trust! That's way more than most other forms of advertisements.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us at Messold Tech today so that we can help your brand build it's image using many innovative marketing strategies like this one!

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