When you think of online marketing, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably an advertisement that very clearly and loudly displays your brand's logo. However, sometimes, more subtle means of marketing, like blog posts, can help increase your conversions. Here are five of the many reasons why:

  1. They are informative: A blog post can help explain the more detailed aspects of your brand's reliability and the product's importance. You can cover a wide range of topics so that an interested consumer or company can actually go through the knowledge and understand not only why they should go for a particular method or product, but also why they should choose your brand for it.

  1. They help establish reliability: How can a potential client know that you're not just messing around, and actually know everything about the field? By going through your brand's blog posts. Other things that can be helpful are client reviews and market comparisons. But at the end of the day, going through content actually put out by your brand helps the client evaluate how reliable and capable you are on their own.

  1. Nobody shares an ad on their social media account: Unless you pay influencers, direct ads are not going to be shared by ordinary people. However, long informative blog posts will be shared by people who work or are interested in your field, and thus you can get unpaid marketing and exposure. When you put out information that is helpful, and link it to your brand name, it helps ordinary people relate to it, and endorse it more.

  1. Blog posts don't annoy people as much as direct marketing does: People can skip your ad on YouTube, and after seeing your direct marketing post on Facebook twenty times, they will probably unfollow your brand's account. But if they say informative articles, they are likely to stick around and be genuinely interested in what your brand want to put forward.

  1. They help your brand find it's voice: When your brand puts out content, it establish a tone and voice in the public sphere- and that helps your target audience relate to it better, because it doesn't feel gimmicky. It genuinely shows that your brand naturally caters to the needs of that particular audience- and they know that they should go for you.

Unsure of where to begin? Don't worry. We at Messold Tech are always there to help you not only with creating content, but with all other forms of digital marketing. Contact us today!

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